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Terms & Conditions

Introduction & Supply
1.1 A contractual agreement is formed between the relevant person (referred to as the “Client”) and Jake Kindred (referred to as the “Cinematographer”) when the Client accepts these T&C's below, or accepts the Quote in writing.
1.2 The Product or Service shall mean any product(s) or service(s) that is provided by the Cinematographer to the Client. The Product or Service will be stipulated and outlined in writing via email. 

1.3 The Project Proposal is a document that contains relevant information pertaining to the brief, production and deliverables. 
1.4 The Cinematographer agrees to supply the Product and/or Service to the Client as detailed in writing, any accompanying documents and according to these Terms and Conditions.
1.5 The Quote can be issued to the Client in reflection to costs and comments outlined and pertaining to all monies to be paid to the Cinematographer to provide the Product or Service. The Quote total amount may change in the event of the Client changing details of the Product or Service, but will be put to the Client for approval by the Cinematographer. 

General & Usage
2.1 The Client will own all rights to the Product.
2.2 The Cinematographer may use the Product or data related to the Product or Service for any marketing and/or promotional purposes.

Booking & Production
3.1 A booking is made and confirmed by the Client and the Cinematographer, in writing. 

3.2 Production dates are agreed and confirmed by the Client, in writing, in advance.

3.3 The Cinematographer reserves the right to charge a non-refundable deposit in circumstances of multi-day bookings.
3.4 The Cinematographer makes every effort to arrive at locations on time but cannot be held responsible for lateness or non-attendance caused by circumstances outside of their control such as traffic delays, severe weather conditions, unforeseen illness/incapacity, accident, technical, camera or equipment failure. In such circumstances, the Cinematographer will contact you as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements. 

3.5 Provided overnight accommodation must be appropriate and comfortable. A private room or a hotel room, and a private bathroom is essential. All shared accommodations (shared apartments, Airbnbs, hostels etc.) must be agreed upon beforehand by the Cinematographer. 

Payment & Deposit
4.1 The Cinematographer will issue the invoice(s) to the Client in respect of Product(s) or Services supplied, or to be supplied.
4.2 The Cinematographer reserves the right to request a deposit of up to 1/3 the total quote amount to secure his services. The deposit is non-refundable unless the Cinematographer cancels the Services.
4.3 The total amount shown on the invoice should be paid, in full, within 31 days from the date the invoice is sent to the Client. After 31 days, the Cinematographer reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of 10% the invoice total per day until the balance is settled. This is
in-line with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
4.4 If the Invoice remains unpaid for more than 62 days, the Cinematographer will pass the issue onto Debt Recovery Agents, including any late fees and debt recovery fees. 

5.1 All cancellations made by the Client must be made in writing via email to:
5.2 Following the event of a total cancellation of any booking, Services or Products by the Client, the Cinematographer reserves the right to make the following charges (based on any booked dates):

○ 48 hours notice or less - 100% of the Product or Service cost 

○ 7 days notice or less (for multi-day bookings) - 50% of the Product or Service cost 

○ 8 days notice or more - no charge

5.3 For multi-day projects, The Cinematographer reserves the right to negotiate extended cancellation terms, to be agreed by the Client in writing. 

5.4 The Cinematographer reserves the right to cancel his Services/the Product at any time, for reasons outside of their control. In such circumstances all monies paid to the Cinematographer will be refunded in full.

6.1 All reasonable expenses incurred by the Cinematographer in providing the Service(s) or Product(s) shall be at the cost of the Client. 6.2 Expense allocations will be reasonably pre-arranged with the Client and/or set out in the Project Proposal.
6.3 The Cinematographer reserves the right to charge out-of-pocket expenses incurred in providing the Product(s) or Service(s) – subject to being able to provide the Client with reasonable explanation and proof of expenditure.
6.4 All out-of-pocket expenses will be charged at cost.
6.5 Travel costs are charged at 0.45p per mile.
6.6 Overnight accommodation to be charged at cost.


7.1 In the unlikely event of the Cinematographer being unable to supply the Product or Service as specified in the Project Proposal or in writing, liability shall be limited to all monies already paid by the Client.

Thanks for accepting!

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