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Some real-world examples...
I was first approached by Ministry of Motion, a digital and animation production company, at the start of 2023. They wanted to start offering video production to their clients, but didn't have the resources or the skills in-house to do so. 

As an experienced video Producer and Director, I have a great understanding of the entire production process and what is required to turn an enquiry into a brief and deliver it back. After some initial conversations, we aligned on their targets and goals, set out an agreement and got to work. 

I offered some consultancy in the early stages - laying out potentia
l costs for different size projects, advising on how they could reach out to clients and setting up a framework for when projects went ahead. 
I was able to support when enquiries came in, subsequently writing pitches and turning the enquiry into a brief, before providing a total project cost for me to deliver the content back to their client. 

Once a project would go live, I'd be introduced as the project lead and would communicate to the client via a private company email that had been set up, so all correspondence was transparent for all parties. I am great at client communications and leading a project, but I can also take a step back and not being involved in client communications, should you wish.
Whether it be a solo videographer project, or a larger-scale piece of content with a multi-person crew, I would handle all preparations, logistics, costings, filming and production of the project.

I am also a skilled editor, working out of my own post-production suite, meaning I edit most of the projects I work on myself. This is useful as it gives me greater control of the final outcome as the Director, but also it keeps costs down as I do not have to outsource the editing work. This is handy in the case of Ministry of Motion, as I often collaborate with their animation artists to create hybrid animated/live-action work.

Once a draft is ready to be presented to the client after going through vigorous reviews by myself and Ministry of Motion, we'll take onboard any feedback presented back before delivering the content to a happy client. We've completed video projects together for Lloyds Pharmacy and OVH Cloud.

Slate and Mortar are a high-end video production company that I have been working with for a number of years. They use my services as a Director of Photography, Producer and Director to help deliver exceptional video content to their clients. 

One of the main ways I support them is by taking on projects as a Producer/Director, taking their client brief from conception, through to filming and editing and delivered back. 
Depending on the project - they will either ask me to provide my costs and quotations to complete a brief, or the pillars of the project will have already been determined and I have a set budget to work within.

I'll lead the project through the pre-production stages, discussing and outlining the core of the project with the client, keeping the Executive Producers looped in as to whats happening. Acting on this, I'll then fix up the necessary components to get the project ready to head into filming.

I often work with crews and creatives on these projects, such as camera operators, lighting gaffers, sound recordists, voiceover artists and production assistants. These are all arranged and provided through my network of filmmaking creatives around the UK (and beyond!). 
I own an array of high-end, industry standard cine equipment - including cameras, lenses, gimbals, lighting, autocues and more, meaning I can provide an excellent base set of equipment that will service most low-mid budget productions. 

Being a proficient editor, I am able to edit these projects in-house, which leads to a quicker turn around time, greater control over the end product, and its also a little cheaper. However, for higher-end projects, I have great contacts in the post-production, editing and motion graphics/animation world. 


Producing a project? Crewing up for a shoot? 
Need a filmmaker to help with a film or video? 

Let me know some details and I'll get right back to you!

I'll be in touch soon!

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